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Mexico Auto Insurance Las Vegas NV

For those who are contemplating the top car insurance to purchase, Mexico Auto Insurance Las Vegas NV is the one to pick. When driving to Valle De Guadalupe, Baja, Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada or Tecate, enjoy knowing that a company like Amigo Mex Insurance will always be there to cover any issues regarding your rental car, personal automobile, motorhome or RV. Our company covers 24/7 claim adjustments and liability regarding your vehicle. For those planning a trip to Mexico, Amigo Mex Insurance has a list of the names of clinics and hospitals, US Customs numbers and links as well as US Consulate and US Embassy contacts -- these are important to have. The Amigo Mex Insurance website also provides many tips about the best places to dine at as well as exciting events that will be taking place in Tijuana, San Felipe and many other Mexican cities. You can visit our blog to learn more

Short-term Auto Insurance Las Vegas NV

When contemplating short-term auto insurance Las Vegas NV, Amigo Mex Insurance is a firm that has some of the best comprehensive insurance plans for people that are traveling to Mexico. Amigo Mex Insurance, which is related to the ABIS Group, is a member of the International Insurance Brokers. With 25 plus years of knowledge and experience working with its clients, Amigo Mex provides the right type of insurance plans for those who are looking to enjoy the sights, sounds and culture of Mexico. Amigo Mex Insurance is also licensed in the state of Texas, Arizona and California. We also work with those clients from Canada and the US who are using their vehicle or a rental vehicle to travel to Mexico. Because life can have big unforeseen issues and mishaps, Amigo Mex is there to provide you with legal assistance while you are in Mexico.

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