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A Complete Guide To Buy Car Travel Insurance

Mon, 30 Jan 2023 17:39:55 -0800

A Complete Guide To Buy Car Travel Insurance
Nowadays, it is necessary to have car insurance to be able to travel, even if you plan to travel short distances. Because only by having good car travel insurance can you face the various claims or unfavorable situations that commonly occur while driving. No matter how good drivers we are, the truth is that an unforeseen event may occur. But car insurance is not only a great help in case of an accident, but it also offers other benefits that you can use in your favor to make your trip a much more comfortable experience. 

What to Look For in a Great Car Travel Insurance Plan

The variety of car travel insurance is rather extensive, so you do not always know what to look for. Ideally, you should have the following protections since it will be much easier to face any unforeseen event through these services. Fire, theft, collision, bodily injury liability, property damage, medical expenses, legal defense, and roadside assistance. The latter is usually one of the most requested services, especially when traveling long distances since it guarantees that specialized personnel can support you.

What’s Not Covered By Your Car Travel Insurance   

One of the things you should know about car travel insurance is that depending on how old the car is, you can be offered better services. Vehicles over 20 years old have the disadvantage that they cannot be insured; if they are newer, they can be offered liability coverage. In that sense, ten years old or newer vehicles have more benefits since they are offered full coverage. That is why it is also essential to ask the insurer about the services that can be purchased and if additional services can be obtained, such as accidental medical or ambulance coverage. 

Car Travel Insurance Loopholes: What To Look For

Unfortunately, it is very common that car travel insurance presents some loopholes, which is why it is crucial to be attentive before signing any contract. It is also important to seek advice from professionals, who can guide you throughout this process so that you can choose the option that suits you best.However, some points that you should know and that can clarify this doubt are the following. The Transit Law varies a little depending on the state, so it is necessary to understand the requirements that must be fulfilled in a mandatory way.Another thing you should know is that it is mandatory to have third-party damage insurance if you travel by federal highway. In addition to the car travel insurance, you are provided with CAPUFE when traveling by toll road, but you must keep the ticket given to you to make it valid.To learn more about these services and the loopholes to avoid, you can consult with our team of experts. At AmigoMex Insurance, we seek to offer you the best services to make your trip to Mexico safe and comfortable. 

Buy Your Car Travel Insurance As Soon As Possible

Buying car insurance in advance is of utmost importance, as it is the only way to ensure you are covered for the events that may occur. From damages caused on the highway to unforeseen medical expenses, these are some things good insurance can cover. Also, in Mexico, it has been mandatory to have car travel insurance since 2019. It was established in Article 63 Bis of the Federal Roads, Bridges, and Autotransportation Law, so no matter what city or state you plan to visit, it is necessary to have this kind of service. The advantage of being able to count on this kind of service in advance is that you can acquire the one that best suits your needs. You will not have to rush to make a decision, and you will be able to analyze if the services offered are adequate or if you will need extra assistance.

Why Buying Car Travel Insurance is a Must

Although it is mandatory, having car travel insurance is necessary if you want to protect your loved ones. You never know when an accident may occur on the road, and the benefit of obtaining these services is more significant. Usually, car insurance is handled in the form of packages, which, depending on the package, may include comprehensive, limited, or liability coverage. In addition, depending on the package chosen or the client's needs, other extra services may be offered to enhance the travel experience. Although sometimes prices play an essential role in insurance choice, this factor should not be the main one. On the contrary, the benefits are often greater when looking for a policy that offers more than basic services. That is why it is important to compare each car travel insurance.At AmigoMex Insurance, we care about you and your loved ones; that's why we are always with you. We support you throughout your trip with the best insurance services, so you don't have to worry if something unpleasant happens.