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If you don't think you need Mexican auto insurance before driving to Mexico, think again. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, US car insurance policies don't cover Third Party Liability Damages that you may cause in Mexico. During your stay in Mexico, the last thing you want to deal with is legal liability issues if you get into an accident or something else happens to your vehicle. Thankfully, you have several options at your disposal when it comes to Mexico Auto Insurance at the border. 

Why is Mexican auto insurance necessary?

In short, Mexican auto insurance is necessary because the traffic laws differ widely in Mexico. You may not know that Mexico has individual states at all. Essentially, the rules are different for foreign travelers than they are for Mexican citizens. For example, you can only travel so far into the country with specific policies or permits. Otherwise, the insurance you buy could become invalid. It's similar to how temporary travel visas work in Mexico but not exactly. That's why the easiest way to avoid the confusion altogether is to purchase Mexican Auto Insurance ahead of time. The prices are reasonable, and an Agent will outline the benefits before entering the country. 

What kind of auto insurance is available when traveling to Mexico?

Like in the US, auto insurance in Mexico comes in two main varieties: Liability Only or Full Coverage. But Liability Only coverage can vary widely from company to company, so that's why many people choose to purchase Full Coverage when traveling outside the country. You'll be covered in the vast majority of situations, and you'll benefit from the peace of mind of knowing that you have plenty of protection if something goes wrong. The alternative is to take an unnecessary risk because you have plenty of Mexico Auto Insurance options at your fingertips, yet when is the best time to buy it?

Is Mexican auto insurance available at the border?

So, the next question is this: is Mexican Auto Insurance available at the border? The short answer is yes! Ideally, you'd want to get it ahead of time, but auto insurance is a common oversight because many people assume that their coverage in the US will suffice. Fortunately, you can buy Mexico Auto Insurance policies at the border, and most provide coverage based on the duration of your stay. If you need a one-day policy for a short trip, or if you need a months-long policy, you have options as well.
The good news is that Mexican Auto Insurance providers often come from multinational insurance carriers, so you're getting policies comparable to American insurers. The catch is that each policy's exclusions may differ slightly, but for the most part, Mexican car insurance is pretty similar to the kind you're used to.
Nevertheless, if you forget to buy car insurance before leaving for Mexico, you have options at the border.
You can always get coverage at www.amigomexinsurance.com , where you can quote and buy your Mexico Auto Insurance policy in minutes, and get the policy delivered via txt and email as well within seconds after your pay your Policy.