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With spectacular mountains, pristine beaches, soaring hot springs, and majestic scenery, Baja Mexico is truly an amazing vacation destination for families. Most people travel here with their children, given the plethora of kid-friendly activities and spots in this state. If you ever happen to plan a fun vacation with your family, here are a few must-do activities with kids in Baja, Mexico, that will help you make the most of your trip. A Bumpy Ride In the Desert Safari If your kids are fond of exploring desert landscapes with breathtaking views on the way, you must take them for a bumpy ride in the desert safari in Cabos! You can do that on your own in huge dune buggies and ATV’s to explore the desert area, but if you’d rather focus on the beautiful views and capture some Instagram-worthy pictures, go for the guided Jeep tours. Some tour companies even take visitors and tourists off-road in Cabo, which is all the more fun and exciting. Bungee Jumping One of the most thrilling must-do activities with kids in Baja, Mexico, is none other than bungee jumping! If you and your children are true adventure-seekers, you will absolutely love this activity. Imagine jumping in the air from a glass-bottom gondola – doesn’t that sound exhilarating? As you sway in the air, you get to see some of the most scenic areas of the Valle de Guadalupe countryside, just a short 1 hour drive from San Diego CA, that will truly leave you in awe. Unwind On the Beach No vacation is ever complete without a full-day visit to the beach to unwind, relax and have some fun with the sand and the water. If you happen to drive down the Baja peninsula, it’s an absolute given that you must visit several secluded beachs, and one of them is Balandra, one of its most stunning beaches located almost 25 km from La Paz. With crystal clear waters, the gleaming sun and white sand dunes, Balandra is a family favorite. The best part is that it’s shallow and cool waters are just ideal for kayaking, swimming and SUP boarding, which are some activities that kids thoroughly enjoy. If you want to make your trip to the beach even more amazing, make sure to stay for the sunset; it’s absolutely magical! A Weekend In Todos Santos What was once a quiet fishing town has now transitioned into a Pueblo Mágico (Magic Town) for its cobblestone streets, tiny artisan shops, cultural richness and alluring natural beauty. Todos Santos presents some of the most fun-filled must-do activities with kids in Baja, Mexico, such as surfing at Playa Los Cerritos, hiking on the top of Punta Lobos, exploring the colonial architecture in Todos Santos’ downtown streets, shopping for local treasures, enjoying flavorful frozen paleta while wandering through the streets and so much more! Todos Santos is brimming with life and activity, and the chances are that you and your kids both will end up wanting more even after spending a whole day in this town. Whale Watching If you are looking to mix education with fun, you must go for blue whale watching with your kids in Loreto. Some of the biggest blue whales are found in Isla Del Carmen and are known to come in and out of the water at regular intervals. Once you reach there in a boat, you silently wait for a while for those gorgeous giants to appear. There are so many, and it’s so amazing to watch them in their natural habitat that your kids will never get tired of the activity. If you get a little too lucky, you might even get to witness a group of dolphins just flipping around the boat, which is a real pleasure on its own. There are many companies that arrange whale-watching tours, so make sure to do your research before opting for one. Baja Mexico – A Real Treat for Vacationers If you’ve never been to Baja Mexico, perhaps, your next trip should be a driving adventure tat will allow you to visit authentic small towns such as Mulege, Santa Rosalia, Loreto and many more. It’s a wonderful vacation destination for both adults and children. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, thrill or just something like a weekend getaway, driving in Baja has a bit of everything to offer . Insuring your Vehicle or Motorhome is a must before driving to Mexico. You will need at least Auto Liability Insurance to comply with the law. Visit our website www.amigomexinsurance.com for a quick quote, and see how easy it is to get properly protected .