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Mexican Auto Insurance Tucson Is Mexican Auto Insurance Required in Nogales? What many Tucson drivers do not know is that car insurance is now required in Mexico. Having Mexican insurance is now Mexican law in order to drive on federal highways. Although this is not a new law, most American drivers were not made aware and continue to drive without Mexican insurance as they always have before. Unfortunately this can put drivers in a very difficult situation if pulled over by Mexican police, or worse, find themselves in an accident. What Happens if You Get Pulled Over Without Mexican Car Insurance? The requirement for car insurance applies only to federal highways, however, most travel within Mexico will require the use of these roads. Getting pulled over while not driving on a federal highway will likely result in nothing beyond a warning from the officer that insurance will be required if you do enter a highway. If you get pulled over on a federal highway without insurance, you will be subject to a fine or forced to appear before a judge if the reason for getting pulled over is egregious enough. Getting pulled over for failure to use a blinker vs reckless driving, the officer is likely to respond to your lack of car insurance in very different ways. No matter the outcome, Mexican auto insurance can be purchased quickly and easily online before crossing the border for about the same cost of eating lunch. There’s no excuse for not having car insurance when crossing into Mexico. How Much Does Mexican Insurance Cost? The short answer is not much. A single day of Mexican insurance for most travelers from Tucson costs around the same as two people ordering lattes from a coffee shop. For a few extra dollars per day you can increase your coverage dramatically. Want the highest level of coverage possible? Even the highest level of coverage most insurance companies offer costs less than taking your family out to dinner. You never want to be stranded in Mexico because you decided against paying for something that costs so little. You can find a Mexican auto insurance calculator here. What if I Get a Rental Car in Tucson? If you get a rental car in Tucson and plan to drive into Nogales, or any other area of Mexico, you need to check with the rental car company that travel to Mexico is allowed. Never take a rental car into Mexico when it is not allowed or you will likely find yourself 100% liable for all damage or theft of the vehicle. If the car rental agency does allow you to take their car into Mexico, an additional Mexican auto insurance policy will be required. You can get a policy of your own that is likely to be cheaper and can be purchased online as you stand in the rental car lobby. Show them proof that you are covered and ask them to note it in the rental car paperwork. Will My Arizona Insurance Policy Cover Me in Nogales? It is very unlikely your American car insurance policy will cover you in Mexico, and if it does, it is probably only good for a certain amount of miles driven, depth into Mexico, or only for minor instances of property theft - none of which will have any significance to a Mexican police officer or judge. If your insurance does fully cover you in Mexico, it is something you will already know about as it will cost you extra. For the rest of us, the car insurance we use to drive around Arizona offers no coverage in Mexico. The bottom line is there is no reason to enter Mexico without insurance as it is inexpensive and can be purchased quickly and easily online. You don’t want to be caught needing car insurance in Mexico and not having it.