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Top 12 restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe

  • Wed, 20 Jun 2018 13:52:52 -0700
1). La Esperanza

Description: This restaurant in Valle de Guadalupe has an incredible view, it is a perfect place to have a cup of fresh wine and simply relax enjoying your meal and company, there is a lot of dishes that you can choose and we guaranteed that all of them are perfect in view and taste.
Restaurant Information:

Address: km 73.5, Carretera No. 3, Ensenada - Tecate, Valle de Guadalupe,
Reservations: +52 664 143 0999
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood, Mediterranean

2) Olivia El Asador de Porvenir

Description: One of the best things that can be said about the restaurant Olivia El Asador del Porvenir it's that they are truly masters of meat cuts and doesn't matter the term of the meat because the result is always going to be the same, just perfect. Each weak they make different proposals of dishes that are made with birds and seafood that you can accompany them with the wine of the house: Chardonnay and Sangiovese or if you prefer you can bring to the table the wine of your preference for accompanying your meal.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Camino vecinal, Cañon de la liebre Parcela #67, ejido el porvenir, 22984 valle del guadalupe, B.C.
Reservations: +52 646 101 7029
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Contemporary

3) Parcela 70

Description: For this restaurant 'Parcela 70' we have three big reasons of why you should visit them, the first one is that they have excellent service, the second one is the food, is totally incredible, and the third one is the place because is perfect to go with family or companion and enjoy the tasty wines that they have from Bodegas F. Rubio.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Callejon de la Liebre Parcela #70 Ejido El Porvenir, Baja California, 22755
Reservations: +52 646 156 8046
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean Website

4) Fauna Restaurante

Description: Fauna is part of the wine house Bruma. The place is incredible, here you will have an amazing country experience where you will share the table with different people, the attention and the service from the workers is warm and they are always in time, the taste of the food is perfect and if we talk about the desserts we have no words to explain the magnificent taste of them.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Carretera Ensenada -Tecate km #73.5, Valley of Guadalupe 22760, Mexico
Reservations: +52 646 103 6403
Price: $$ - $$$ Cuisine: Mexican, Vegetarian and Contemporanean
Website .

5) Media Perra Craft Beer

Description: This place is perfect if you are a lover of the craft beer, nice and totally different from what we can see in Valle de Guadalupe, they offer different styles of food and snacks that make a good pairing with the beer that you are tasting, basically is the best place in the Valle de Guadalupe to drink a beer while you are enjoying the view and the convivence with the family or companion(s).
Restaurant Information:

Address: Camino a Casa Mayoral | Lote 2, San Antonio de las Minas 22890, Mexico
Reservations: +52 646 181 4331
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Mediterranean

6) Cantera Cocina del Valle

Description: One of the finest restaurant in the Valle de Guadalupe to receive your meal with all the joy and peace. You can start with some entry to prepare your stomach for the delicious main plate, take your preferred wine of the house and let you surprise for the best service and attention that Cantera Cocina del Valle have to offer to you.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Carretera Ensenada - Tecate KM 90.8 Fraccionamiento Las Lomas, San Antonio de las Minas, Ruta del vino, Ensenada, B.C. | Ruta del Vino, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico
Reservations: +52 646 152 1284
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Mediterranean, Grill

7) Almazara Cocina Rancho Olivas

Description: Fine, elegant, different, perfect. These are the attributes that agree with the Almazara restaurant, the menu can be a bit tight but the food goes beyond expectations like the service and the house wine. Ideal to relax, enjoy the food and sight that the place has to offer.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Carretera Libre Tecate Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico
Phone: +52 646 156 8159
Price: $$ - $$$

8) Tre Galline

Description: One of the best restaurants to eat Italian food in Valley of Guadalupe. Basically in Tre Galline you will have an amazing experience starting with the warm welcome and service from the workers, once the plate is in the table you will be in love with the appearance of the meal which have an incredible taste that for sure you will want to comeback again when you visit the Valle. You can accompany the meal with the good coffee of the restaurant or just stay in the line with a perfect bottle of wine which match with the food that you had order.
Restaurant Information:
Address: CentenarIo 33, Todos Santos, Mexico
Reservations: +52 612 145 0274
Price: $$$$
Cuisine: Italian, Vegetarian and gluten free

9) Agua de Vid - Pancracia

Description: One of the best places in Valle de Guadalupe whit magnificent environment where you can enjoy different proposals of dishes and the results are the same in flavors and taste. They have excellent wines to pair with the food, the furniture and the architecture of the place are contemporary which is perfect to delight yourself with everything that the restaurant has to offer.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Parcela 69, Ejido El Porvenir, Ensenada 22750, Mexico
Reservations: +52 55 6140 8655
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Vegetarian, Vegan options

10) Finca Altozano

Description: If we talk about Finca Altozano we can say many things starting with the first contact we have with the restaurant, which is the view of the place, which is rustic and makes you feel that you will eat like a country style, the furniture is so nice and comfortable to sit , contemplate the view of the vineyards, enjoy the food and have a good glass of wine. Most of the food is maked on the grill which gives an incredible taste to satisfy your palate.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Km 83 No.3 ensenada-tecate | Valley of Guadalupe , Ensenada, Mexico
Reservations: +52 646 156 8045
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

11) Deckmans at el Molgor

Description: One of the most unique places in the Valley of Guadalupe. In Deckman's you can find a quality fresh meat and fish dishes which are made on the grill and have an amazing flavor what makes your palate fly. The place is very peaceful, perfect with companions or family and enjoy everything that Deckman's have to offer.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Carretera Ensenada-Tecate Km. 85.5, Ensenada 22760, Mexico
Reservations: +52 1 646 188 3960
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Grill, options for Vegan and Gluten Free

12) La Cocina de Doña Esthela

Description: The kitchen of Doña Estela is a lovely and warm place that makes you feel like you are in home, the taste of the food is incredible, the new fresh waters are amazing perfect to accompany your meal with it, one of the most claimed dishes of this restaurant is the barbecue. We recommend you that if you go to the restaurant be aware that you can make a waiting line of at least 30 min, but the wait it's totally worth and you will know it till you get the first bite of your meal.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Carretera el Tigre a Guadalupe | Frente al Vinedo La Lomita, Valle de Guadalupe 91915,
Reservations: +52 646 156 8453
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Latin and vegetarian options