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1). Villa Saverios

Description: This place is an "Iconic" restaurant in Tijuana, it's maybe the "original jewel" of the Plasencia Cheff. The atmosphere and the food is good, the menu variety is good enough to find something new on each visit.One of the best restaurants in TJ. Classic fine dining, elegant ambiance, and great service. Wide selection of dishes at a moderate price. Sure to impress your companion(s).
Restaurant Information:

Address: Sanchez Taboada,, Tijuana 22000, Mexico
Reservations: +52 664 686 6442
Price: $$$$
Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian Friendly

2) Mision 19

Description: Extensive menu of gourmet cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, main courses, and desserts served in a modern elegant décor. The food and service are exceptional at a fair price. You can't go wrong with any of the various cuts of Sonoran beef offered. Access is easy, if you use the valet parking in the underground garage.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Calle Mision de San Javier 10643 | Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, Tijuana 22010, Mexico
Reservations: +52 664 634 2493
Price: $$$$
Cuisine: Contemporary, Vegetarian Friendly

3) La Querencia

Description: This restaurant is a must go to if you have any interest in Tijuana cuisine. The chef owner of Miguel Guerrero is one of the top chefs in all of Mexico who coined the term Baja Med. This venue provides a great mix of seafood and prime cuts to include some meat so you don't normally see. His food provides a fusion between European, Asian and Mexican cuisine. You can find anything from unique tacos to fine aged meats. The salads are to die for, my favorite is the salmon salad which provides a nice large hunk of grilled salmon on top of a bed of greens with a reduced balsamic vinaigrette. They also offer a great seafood shot that provides seafood in a cocktail glass with alcohol and beer. Nothing can be said more than you have to go to this place to eat if you visit Tijuana.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Escuadron 201 No. 3110, Tijuana, Mexico
Reservations: +52 664 972 9935
Price: $$$$
Cuisine: Latin, Seafood, Mexican Website


4) Seven Dreams

Description: This is an excellent place for Lunch or Dinner, the location is a little tricky but not difficult to find (3th floor on a building). The food is great, as well the service, the Miso soup is totally different from the traditional presentation from other places, I really recommended. And the best part, they have craft Beer
Restaurant Information:

Address: Av Mision De Loreto 3020 | Zona Urbana Rio, Tijuana 22010, Mexico
Reservations: +52 664 208 0790
Price: $$$$ Cuisine: Japanese, Cafe, International
Website .

5) Cesar

Description: So Cesar’s is a must in Tijuana, if only for the Cesar salad show, as this is where the eponymous salad was invented years ago... the service is fine dining style and gets all of the details right. The food was good and fancy style yet also quite simple in its flavour palate. Prices are reasonable for the place and it’s elegance. But definitely get a Cesar salad, otherwise you’re missing out.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Calle Revolucion, Tijuana, Mexico
Reservations: +52 664 685 1927
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean

6) Cabana

Description: This a seafood place but not the typical Mexican seafood place. The rock shrimp (camarón roca) and the small tostadas (red snapper or tuna they serve are delicious. The portions are small but they are perfect for ordering several items from the menu and sharing with friends and family. The prices are about right and I believe that’s the reason this placed is packed most of the time, but specially on weekends.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Plaza Paseo Chapultepec Blvd. Agua Caliente 10387 D-203 Col. Neidhart | Plaza Paseo Chapultepec, Tijuana 22020, Mexico
Reservations: +52 664 681 8490
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood, International

7) Telefonica Gastro Park

Description: This is a place where there are many "food trucks" that serve extraordinary dishes made by people that most of times are high class cheff's. You will find chicken, pork, seafood, lamb, meat, deserts; all in one place. They also have a beer garden that is excellent. Not very expensive, but also don't expect it to be cheap. Gotta try it, when in Tijuana.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Av. Melchor Ocampo | #2036, Tijuana 22000, Mexico
Phone: +52 1 664 200 2155 Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Seafood, Fast Food

8) El Mazateno

Description: Excellent place to eat street tacos in Tijuana. They have their special shrimp taco called “camarón enchilado” which is absolutely delicious. It also has a wide variety of fish tacos and seafood overall. Highly recommend this place. Definitely worth it. Mazateño is one of the best seafood restaurants in Tijuana,personally I like the food and taste of the dishes they offer,fish tacos,shrimp cocktails,fried fish or sarandeado etc. Prices are very competitive also,the neighborhood is kind a complicated to get to but it's worth it the effort to find it
Restaurant Information:
Address: Calzada del Tecnológico 473, Tomas Aquino, 22414 Tijuana, B.C.
Reservations: +52 664 607 1377
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Latin, Seafood

9) Marenca

Description: Going to Marenca for breakfast has always been a good experience for me and I I’ve never been disappointed. People can order half of the order with red chilaquiles and the other half with green chilaquiles at no extra cost. They always give complimentary bread and fruit. To put the cherry on top the service is excellent.
Restaurant Information:

Address: 143 Reviews #13 of 601 Restaurants in Tijuana$$ - $$$Mexican, Latin, International Calle Paseo de los Heroes 70, Tijuana 22010, Mexico
Reservations: +52 664 634 6419 Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Latin, International

10) La Corriente Cevicheria Nais

Description: This place is most if you happen to be in Tijuana. Make sure you take time to stop here if you like beer with Clamato and a good tostada of ahí tuna or red snapper. Those two are the best Tostadas among all my friends and family members. Do not waste time going somewhere else.
Restaurant Information:

Address: Calle 6a, esquina con Ave. Madero, Tijuana, Mexico
Reservations: +52 (664) 685-0555
Price: $$ - $$$
Cuisine: Mexican, Latin, Seafood Website