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1. Your U.S. policy usually won't cover you when driving in Mexico

Even if your U.S. car insurance policy covers you in Mexico, you still need Mexican auto insurance for your vehicle. Mexico does not recognize American insurance policies. If you get into an accident anywhere in Mexico, you will not be able to use your car insurance to cover the damages. As a result, Mexican authorities may arrest you, and impound your car until the matter can be settled. Without a proper way to pay for damages, the process may take a while.
- Remember too, this can all be happening in Spanish - .
Getting into an accident is already enough to disturb your vacation plans, don't let it ruin them by having an insurance mishap.The risk and consequences are too great to not purchase a policy before you go to Mexico.

2. You can get protection for liability, legal assistance, and more

If your policy is not accepted in Mexico, not only you will not be protected financially when accident happens, but you will also violate Mexican law. This is because having liability coverage is a requirement when driving in Mexico.In Mexico, there is a regulation all drivers must follow: providing valid liability car insurance. This is a requirement for everyone (which means American drivers must have Mexican policy for visitors).Fortunately, it is easy, and comparatively inexpensive to get your own Mexican car insurance policy.

3. Benefits of Vehicle Insurance in Mexico

 As we talked about, if you drive from the US, the only way to get protected financially is by buying Mexican car insurance. Mexican car insurance is not expensive, and getting it is as easy as American insurance. A Mexican car insurance policy isn’t all too different from an American one either. They will ask for:
  • The Type of Car You Drive
  • The Value of Your Car
  • What Limits You Want
  • How Long You Are in Mexico
  • Where You are Driving in Mexico 

Best of all, our program is comprehensive and our services are efficient, which include additional value-added services at no extra cost, such as:
  • Legal Assistance
  • Medical Expense Reimbursement
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Cash in Case of Emergency

It’s always safer to cover all your bases by purchasing a full coverage Mexican policy for your vehicle.
Make a brilliant travel without concerns and stay safe while visiting Mexico with AmigoMexInsurance.