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For most United States citizens, crossing into and out of Mexico for your medical tourism trip will be a breeze. There are nevertheless a handful of things you should be prepared for, and a few little tips we'd like to share that will make your border crossing even easier and faster.

Into Mexico

Conventional wisdom is that driving into Mexico is much easier than coming back. To some degree, that's true. The main thing you'll need to keep an eye out for is what you're carrying on your person or in the vehicle. Some innocuous items, or items you are used to carrying every day, can't come over with you.
If you're used to carrying a firearm with a CCW permit, be aware that will have to stay at home for your trip. Also, be cautious with any medications that might be considered "illegal drugs", such as opiate-based pain pills. If you need to bring such a medication with you, be sure to bring your prescription and ideally a letter from your physician stating the amount you'll need for the duration of your trip.

Meat and agricultural items are also generally a no-no. If you have things like apples, oranges or bananas packed as snacks, be sure to eat them or dispose of them prior to reaching the border.

You can take cigarettes in with you, but no more than one carton.

Getting Back Home

While the initial border crossing is usually quick, lines heading back into the United States have a reputation for sometimes lasting hours.

In some areas, however, there is a special express lane for medical tourists. These lanes can reduce your wait time from hours to a mere 15 to 20 minutes of processing. These lanes can be found when entering Mexicali and Tijuana.

Be aware that the border police are legally authorized to search your phone and laptop without a warrant if they desire. However, this is not done to most people, especially medical tourists. It is generally only done if someone is detained under suspicion of some sort of illegal activity.