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Happy New Year!
Wishing you good times, good cheer and a memorable new year!
All of us at Amigo Mex Insurance want to thank you for your business, loyalty and support. We hope to see you again in 2016!

Visit BAJA in 2016.  Eat, Stay and Wander.

For those who have visited Baja lately, it is no wonder why it has been named the fastest growing gastronomic hub. With so many delicious choices, make sure to make a list and plan ahead! This past year, Baja has been awarded and featured in magazines, such as Vogue, GQ, National Geographic, and many others, for its culinary arts. 
Be impressed by one of the many fine dining options and discover the taste of BajaMed. Try La Querencia or Casa Placencia. If you are in the mood for more casual dining, there are plenty of options too. Find so much more than your typical tostadas and tacos at La Guerrerence. La Justina or Pequeño Saigon! You can also find the best food trucks in Tijuana's Telefonica Gastro Park or The Food Garden. You will love the pleasant atmosphere and all the great food options!

Head to Rosarito's and Puerto Nuevo for its famous lobster or Popotla for its great tasting seafood.    
As for drinking, enjoy some craft beer at the best tasting rooms in Tijuana's Plaza Fiesta or the award-winning Cerveceria Wendlandt.

Let’s not forget Ruta del Vino in the Valle of Guadalupe, for wine tasting. Eat at Corazon de Tierra and stay at Villa del Valle’s an absolutely amazing experience.

Baja offers a wide range of possibilities for outdoor adventure. Be open to ascend, dive, fly or explore! Go sport fishing, play a round of golf, dive or snorkel, go surfing, whale watching or hiking in the desert.

With so much to do, all within driving distance, Baja is the place to visit this year! Remember to always carry Mexico Auto Insurance. Its required by law, and its easy to Quote, Buy and Print your policy in our website www.amigomexinsurance.com or from your smartphone through our mobile-friendly website.