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  • Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:31:51 -0700
So you’re heading off on a new adventure and you’re trying to figure out if driving to Mexico is going to be more beneficial than trying to get a car while in the country, or possibly going without a car altogether and taking a chance on local transportation.  Depending on your budget and destination(s) of choice, any strategy can be a viable option, but if you choose the wrong one for your trip, you may cause yourself unnecessary stress.   Driving to Mexico means you’ll take your own car from, or rent a car in the United States before crossing the border into Mexico.  With either option, you must purchase Mexico Auto Insurance, as your US Auto Insurance will not cover you in Mexico.  Which option sounds like it will benefit you the most on your trip to Mexico?  Contact AmigoMex for more advice on driving to Mexico and affordable insurance plans.