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  • Thu, 07 Jun 2012 10:01:46 -0700
In a forward effort to capture real life testimonials about travelers’ experiences in Mexico, the Mexico Tourism Board has launched a new campaign called ‘Mexico Travel Project. In the campaign, based on the similar cable show ‘Taxicab Confessions,’  passengers are candidly asked about their experiences while on vacation in Mexico during their cab ride home from the airport.
According to a report in Travel Weekly, visitors departing Mexico on nonstop flights to major gateways (Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, among others) were selected at random and pre-screened at airports in major resort centers and cities (Cancun and Cabo San Lucas to start) by interviewers stationed behind airline ticket counters.
During the ride, passengers are asked about their overall experiences and specifically what they liked and why, as well as safety issues or concerns.
After the ride home, the participants are informed about the project and give consent to utilize the videos which are housed on Mexico Taxi Project’s You Tube channel.
Seeing that most of the breaking news we are delivered here in the states doesn’t reflect an appropriate or accurate portrayal of Mexico travel, potential visitors to Mexico can now see and hear real life testimonials of everyday people returning from different destinations in Mexico.
Some of the testimonials seen on the website include:
  • “It’s great, it’s safe; you’ll love it.”
  • “There are wonderful places to go.”
  • “It was love at first sight.”
  • “It’s such a beautiful place.”
  • “The food was delicious.”
  • “The most relaxing trip of all time.”

“I actually liked it better than Hawaii,” said Shannon who was returning from Cabo with her significant other Elan. When asked why, she said that it was just so beautiful and easy especially since everybody spoke English (as well as Spanish). When Elan was asked about the trip he stated, “It’s really a cool city and a lot more modern that I thought it was going to be.”
Comments will also be shown in 30-second ads now running on cable stations through December with more to follow in the New Year.

According to Gerardo Llanes, chief marketing officer of the Mexico Tourism Board, the comments of participants will also be used on social media sites and on billboards in Times Square – New York, with other locations to follow.