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Quick and Easy One Day Mexico Auto Insurance - AmigoMex

Mon, 03 Apr 2023 07:38:55 -0700

Traveling to Mexico? Quick and Easy: One Day Insurance

Auto Insurance policies are necessary for all those who travel by car, as they ensure financial and medical services protection in case of any accident or mishap.Having Auto Insurance when traveling to a foreign country is an intelligent decision to face those unexpected events that may occur while driving on unfamiliar roads, from a car accident to vandalism, and theft. In other words, Auto insurance covers the damages for which it has been acquired; that is to say, it will cover depending on the contracted coverage type. If you only plan to drive to Mexico for one day, it is advisable to request one day insurance for Mexico.

Why Mexico Is a Popular Travel Destination

Mexico is the favorite country of thousands of international tourists for many reasons. The main one is that Mexico has a vast history and culture, which makes it a paradise for all those who love historical events, great food and inexpensive attractions.
Some festivities, such as the Day of the Dead or the ritual of the Papantla Flyers, are currently considered cultural heritage, which makes it even more attractive to visit this country and take advantage of the opportunity to see how these festivities are celebrated.
Its hundreds of beaches and landscapes make Mexico one of the most attractive places. You can relax on the fine sand of its beaches with a warm climate throughout the year and find many beautiful places, from deserts to forests. 
Another reason why thousands of foreigners choose to visit Mexico is because of its food, which is also cataloged as a cultural heritage. Among the most famous dishes are tamales, pozole, menudo, mole, and of course, tacos.

Understanding One Day Auto Insurance for Mexico

One day insurance is a short-term car insurance that can insure the vehicle for only one day (24 hours). Despite having a shorter period than other insurances, it has more than enough coverage to cover expenses in case of an accident during the day the insurance lasts.
Since the one day insurance is not permanent, it is recommended for all those drivers who wish to have coverage during their stay in Mexico for tourism or work purposes.
This means that the one day insurance is personalized to each driver's needs since they can choose the coverage they need during their stay in the country.

Purchasing One Day Auto Insurance for Mexico

There are two ways to purchase one day insurance. The first one is online, and it is done by filling out a form where some important information about the car will be requested, such as the model, serial number, etc., as well as some other fields, such as personal information and the most important thing, the number of days needed and coverage desired, either Liability Only or Full Coverage.If you do it in person, you must bring the necessary documentation so that this procedure is done correctly and there is no delay. Some aspects to consider before purchasing one day insurance are knowing the coverage and the general conditions of the insurance to see if they adapt to your needs and budget.

What One Day Auto Insurance for Mexico with AmigoMex Covers

  • One day Mexico Auto Insurance at AmigoMex can provide the following coverage:
  • Collision.
  • Fire and Total Theft.
  • Bodily Injury Liability.
  • Property Damage Liability.
  • Uninsured Motorist.
  • Medical Expenses for Occupants of the Insured Vehicle.
  • Legal Defense and Bail Bond.
  • Roadside Assistance.

How to Use One Day Auto Insurance in Mexico

In case of having suffered an automobile accident in Mexico, the first thing to do is call the Mexico Insurance company so a Claims Adjuster can come to the place of the accident to file the accident report, take pictures and provide any required assistance.When One Day Auto Insurance for Mexico is Not EnoughSome conditions that may make this policy insufficient have to do primarily with the number of days one wishes to be in Mexico. As mentioned, one day insurance is recommended for drivers whose stay is only for one day, either for personal or business reasons.
If the stay is extended or you have plans to move to Mexico to live for life, then the one day Mexico Auto Insurance will not be enough; you will need a more extensive plan, depending on the length of stay.
Suppose you need extra coverage for certain activities in Mexico. In that case, we have different insurance plans designed especially for each driver, all of them with the necessary coverage and adjustable to your budget.

Stay Safe With

One day Mexico Auto Insurance will always be a feasible solution for all those looking for security when driving on mexican roads, knowing that if you have an accident, it will not have a severe impact on your finances, and you will avoid unnecessary headaches when dealing with the Mexican authorities.
It is important to purchase Mexico Auto Insurance before making the trip because if you hire after you cross the border into Mexico, you could be subject to some kind of fine if any authority discovers it or that, in case of any unforeseen event, you won't be protected.
If you are looking for the strong and reliable Mexico Auto Insurance, at you can quote and buy your one-day Mexico Auto Insurance policy in a matter of minutes, and get your policy delivered via text message and email.
For any questions, please call us at (619) 428-4200 or visit us at to ensure you have a great trip to Mexico.