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Do I Need Mexican Insurance in Rocky Point?

Fri, 08 Oct 2021 16:37:27 -0700

Rocky Point, Mexico is a beautiful little fishing village situated right on the Sea of Cortes. Rocky Point is really called Puerto Penasco, an important detail for travel! Many Americans regularly travel to this city in the state of Sonora because it sits just 60 miles from the US border, making it an easy destination to drive to even for a long weekend. Because Rocky Point offers everything from family-friendly hotels to luxury resorts, it is the perfect location to have fun and relax, all while taking in the beautiful sea views and white sand beaches. Adventurers can also check out the Altar desert and El Pinacate volcano. Rocky Point’s fantastic location makes it a frequent destination for travelers that enjoy the freedom that comes with driving to your vacation spot.

Driving in Mexico

Even though Rocky Point is only an hour from the border, Mexican auto insurance is still required by law. You may have heard that a portion of Mexico is a Free Trade Zone, which is true for some aspects of traveling across the border. For example, you won’t need a temporary vehicle importation permit to drive to Rocky Point, which does make travel easier. However, the Free Trade Zone doesn’t remove the requirement for Mexican car insurance. 

You may be tempted to risk driving to Rocky Point without purchasing a policy from a Mexico-based auto insurance company. But, even a small fender bender could land you in jail. Why? It is illegal to drive in Mexico without Mexican auto insurance. Even if you don’t end up in jail, you could end up with hefty fines that will cost much more than just purchasing a policy. Additionally, if you end up in jail, your car will be impounded and you will still get stuck with fines at least to retrieve your car. Fortunately, Mexican auto insurance is affordable and easy to purchase.

How to Obtain Mexican Car Insurance

Purchasing a Mexico-based auto insurance policy is easy - you simply need some basic information about your vehicle and your trip.  First, you will fill out an online form with the type of vehicle you’ll be using to travel, such as a car, RV, or motorcycle, and the value of the vehicle. You’ll choose the type of territory coverage you need based on your travel destination, in this case, you’re looking for the state of Sonora. You’ll fill in the number of days you’ll need coverage for and how much monetary coverage you want. Then, you will receive a quote in just a few minutes and can proceed to secure your temporary policy!
The overall coverage is very flexible with a base minimum liability option, as well as several upgrades to help you be prepared for any occasion. Add-on policies include roadside assistance, legal assistance, medical expenses, and total theft. Mexican car insurance agents can help put together a policy that will work for your trip and budget.

Ensure the Best Vacation Possible with Mexican Car Insurance

As we mentioned before, it can be tempting to forgo purchasing a temporary insurance policy from a Mexico-based auto insurance company. However, if you’re in the middle of a wonderful, relaxing vacation, feeling a world away from your cares and responsibilities back home, do you want to run the risk of ruining that feeling, possibly going to jail, and being out thousands of dollars, simply because you didn’t want to purchase a temporary policy? We didn’t think so either! Get your policy online today and ensure the best vacation possible!