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Do You Need Mexico Car Insurance

Tue, 07 Sep 2021 18:37:09 -0700

The allure of Mexico’s beaches and free-spirited aesthetic brings millions of U.S. visitors each year and is considered the top U.S. international destination. It’s no wonder, considering the close proximity to the U.S. and that traveling from border cities in and out of Mexico is quite easy. In addition to vacation travel, thousands of Americans cross the border into Mexico for medical, dental, and cosmetic treatments due to the significantly reduced costs. Flying can be expensive, especially internationally, so many Americans choose to drive to and throughout Mexico to save money and have free access to a vehicle when they need it. If you’re planning to move to or even visit Mexico and will be driving, you need to know what the legal requirements are for driving in another country. Every country has its own rules and laws regarding driving, and Mexico is no different. You can make your time in Mexico more enjoyable knowing you’re covered in case of an accident while driving.

Why Drive in Mexico?

As previously mentioned, Americans (and Canadians) travel by the millions to Mexico each year for a variety of reasons. Whether for vacationing at a beach or checking into a medical spa, many people find reasons to visit Mexico. There are benefits to both flying and driving, but many people find driving to be a worthwhile venture. For example, The Pan-Am highway makes a great road-tripping adventure. It is an exquisite way to experience the Pacific coast and runs from Alaska to the Southern portion of Chile. The Pacific coast in Mexico is incredibly beautiful and well worth the drive. Not to mention that driving your own vehicle, or a rented one, gives you the freedom you don’t have otherwise to come and go as you please.

Mexico Requires Liability Insurance

Mexico requires liability insurance at a minimum. While some auto insurance policies in the US may have some Comprehensive and Collision coverage in Mexico, it is usually very limited and may not be accepted by Mexican authorities. Although Mexico only requires liability insurance, it is worth checking into additional coverage. You can purchase Mexico Auto Insurance coverage that provides protection for Collision, Total Loss, Third Party Liability, Medical and Legal & Roadside Assistance. Many policies include roadside assistance, allowing insured to get help with a blown tire or transmission failure. You don’t want to be stranded in unfamiliar territory. Not having Mexico car insurance can land you in court and worse, jail. Your vehicle could be impounded. All of which adds up to much more than insurance would cost you. Mexico car insurance can often be customized to fit your needs covering shorter or longer time

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