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why do us citizens go to tijuana mexico for medical surgey

Thu, 10 May 2012 18:29:21 -0700

Some of the advantages of opting for surgery in Mexico are:
• Affordable surgical procedures: Whether you go for single surgery or hip replacement in Tijuana, Mexico, all you would be paying
is a small percentage of the prices charged for like-procedures in the
US. Low cost is not only restricted to orthopedic procedures such as
knee or hip replacement in Mexico. Be it getting a facelift or dental implants or crowns in Tijuana or Mexicali,  you can save a substantial amount of dinero!!
• Top notch surgical facilities: Renowned hospital in Mexico are comparable to their counterparts in the developed countries. Adhering to international standards, surgeons use
state-of-the-art technology and high-quality surgical equipment to
perform surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.
• World class surgeons: Mexico is home to a number of highly trained
surgeons, many of whom are board-certified and widely published.
Additionally, a large percentage of  Mexican Doctors are trained in the United States and speak English fluently.
• Minimal or zero waiting period: Patients can schedule their knee
replacement surgery without waiting for long periods since surgeons and
operating theaters are easily available.
• Low travel costs: Being geographically close to the US further cuts
costs, making it even more attractive for getting otherwise pricey
procedures. Tijuana is
located only 17 miles from San Diego, California. A short Drive To Mexico is very easy and pleasant. With its friendly people and warm
hospitality, there is an added advantage for undergoing surgical
procedures in Tijuana, Mexico. The border town is known for its numerous
charming touristy spots, nearby wine regions and excellent culinary choices for Baja Med food.Visit for more information about Driving to Mexico.